Ars Magica is a roleplaying game (RPG), currently published by Atlas Games, set in Medieval Europe and concerning itself primarily with the development and actions of magi. It has probably the best magic system of any RPG, including rules for creation of spells and magical items, improvement of arcane skills in the laboratory, apprentices and familiars, as well as a well-thought out core spell-casting system, based about scores in fifteen magical arts.

Ars Magica Resources

Elder Magus Generator:
a set of guidelines for creating experienced magi.

Character Archive:
an archive of older magi from previous sagas.

Flamma Aeterna: a complete NPC covenant, as used in a (now defunct) saga

The Fae of Arran: faerie antagonists, plus a full adventure, from the same saga.

Dragonclaw: a sketched PC covenant, as used in a demonstration game at GenCon UK 1999

Stories written for Ars Magica

  • A Final Choice - Written for Sanctum Hermeticum and set in Mythic Europe.

  • Mute - Written for an Ars Magica Writing competition

    If you wish to learn more about Ars Magica, there are several useful sites:

  • Atlas Games - publishers of 4th edition Ars Magica

  • Project Redcap - clearing house for Ars Magica web pages, location of the FAQ and other miscellaneous information

  • Durenmar - a collection of articles and resources for Ars Magica.


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