All the information collected here on the Fae of Arran was designed for the saga run by David Chart, and including the covenants of Scopulis Vocis and Flamma Aeterna. It is set in the early 10th century and this Fae section focusses on the Faeries of Arran. Arran is an island (approximately 30 x 15 miles) West of Glasgow and just North of Ailsa Craig, the location of Scopulis Vocis.

The Fae of Arran:

The Fae of Arran are divided into two separate groups. The Northen Fae are predominantly hill fae ruled by Elphenor, the High King. They live underground in a vast complex beneath one of the Arran Mountains (location 6). The Southern fae are ruled by Queen Tiphaine, the wife of Elphenor, whose court is located in the Southern forest. Most of her subjects are wood faeries, and live in a city of interconnected wooden platforms in the trees. Although they are married, Elphenor and Tiphaine cannot live with each other, as Elphenor is too strict for his wilful wife, and Tiphaine too uncontrolled for her husband. By mutual consent, for many years they meet only once a year, at a seven day festival around Beltain.

Encounters on Arran

1. The Lost Children

2. The Wicker Queen

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